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This survey is to test different methods ways of reading a large table of information. We are trying to determine if there is truly a best method or not. We will be looking at three (3) different methods of reading data. This survey is looking at how you easily you can read and find the necessary information. Each page will have a question that you need to look up from the table.

We will ask a couple of multiple choice questions before, and after the survey questions to find out about your experience. There are no right or wrong answers.

The entire survey should take less than five (5) minutes. Thank you for your time.


Please fill out the following information to help us identify your experience. Your answers will not alter the survey questions.

Start of Survey Questions:



Computer Experience:

This is general computer experience. To help make sure everyone uses the same scale consider these explanations.

None - This is your first experience with a computer.
Novice/Beginner - You have some experience, but mainly just checking email, or surfing the web.
Intermediate - You feel comfortable installing a new program on your computer, use it to write letters, in addition to email and surfing the web.
Good - You are comfortable making changes to your system settings, and have been using a computer for several years most likely.
Expert - You have years of experience and most likely can change out hardware as well as add/remove applications.

Spreadsheet Experience:

Your experience specific to working with spreadsheets or tables. This includes both on-line, and desktop applications. Sample applications include Google Docs, Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, etc.

None - You have never used any of these types of applications before.
Novice/Beginner - You have some experience, but mainly just small one page spreadsheets.
Intermediate - You can use spreadsheets others create that may require scrolling. You can create a simple spreadsheet.
Good - You are comfortable creating spreadsheets, that may need scrolling to see all of the columns or rows. Simple formulas are fine for you.
Expert - You have years of experience working with spreadsheets. You can work with multiple pages, and routinely use calculations.